Job safety analysis can be the start of your safety process that can help your business offer a structure for safety process. In construction industries, it is typical for injury risks. You cannot terminate all threats, but you can minimize them using the standard procedure. Risks are there with us as we operate our daily tasks. The severity of risk is determined by how often one is exposed to it, the seriousness of the outcome and the probability of it happening. It cannot be assumed that people decide to accept risks in their life. The top level in an organization allows risks and take it down to the lowest level. It is the responsibility of the management to control risk. The administration uses the best strategies to help their employees understand risks. One of the tools used is the Job Safety Analysis. The employees at the lowest level can control risks in an organization. The employees control risks with the help of their supervisors. The supervisors create awareness to the employees of the tasks that are risky and the measures to use to reduce them.

In most cases, employees realize when there is the potential of risks but cannot express their concerns about the possible threats. JSA is designed to document communication to get a mutual understanding of the risk management process to reduce risks to the lowest point. Employees, use the JSA tool to come to a mutual understanding of the procedures, tasks, and procedures associated with the job. There also other tools used in risk management such as physical working environment, work procedures, among others. The Job Safety Analysis has four steps to follow. Job selection is the first step, followed by determining the job step sequence, identify the hazard, implement the strategies to manage risks. Learn more about JSA tools, especially the JSA software, from

To make the workplace safe some factors need to be put into consideration. The employees need a clean and safe working environment. The best way to create a good co-operation between the management and the employees is to use the safety analysis. Employees feel they are part of the company when they have solutions to their safety issues. Job safety analysis is achievable through the efforts of the employers, supervisors, foremen, health and safety specialists. On the other hand, the employees of a company are encouraged to use the JSABuilder software from to help them analyze their work environment to determine if they are safe.

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